“Our company first got involved in the SLD 16 years ago back when it was the YLD. Since then the SAWD and the SLD have grown to a more educational, as opposed to a mere social, gathering. Many of our members have gone on to executive leadership in their companies and their trade organizations. The SLD is built on our combined knowledge and camaraderie. Many of us have become lifelong friends and stay in touch on a constant basis. While we do strive to always learn more about our industry, as they say in Louisiana, we do know how to ‘pass a good time’. I will always be thankful for the knowledge and the friends that I have made in the SLD.”

Trey Williams
Thomas M. Williams & Associates, Inc.

“The SLD holds a very special place in my heart. As part of the Southern Association it is the people that really make it so special. The Southern is made up of top industry leaders all of whom share a passion for The Southern. I am honored to call many of these leaders my friends and people I can count on for advice and support. These folks all contribute to the fact that the SLD brings strong educational programs, key industry specific speakers and presentations, and unmatched networking opportunities in a tight group of wholesalers across the south. As a result of being part of the SLD, I have brought many new and profitable ideas back to Merchants Grocery Company. To have someone from your organization be a member of the SLD can only result in a positive impact on your bottom line. The SLD just keeps getting better, and if you have any doubt just join us in November at our 2012 Business Resource Meeting in Greensboro, North Carolina. I promise you will not be disappointed!”

Chris Smythers
Chief Operating Officer
Merchants Grocery Company, Inc.

“Becoming a member of SLD has been a wonderful experience for me. It is an excellent opportunity to meet and interact with top industry leaders in a relaxed atmosphere. As well as, develop personal relationships with business leaders that deal with similar day-to-day experiences in the industry as I do. It is very beneficial to our business to have friends in the industry outside of our competition area to share business practices with or brainstorm problem-solving ideas. The meetings are always very informative with pertinent information regarding immediate issues in the industry. I really look forward to attending the conventions each year. Hope to see YOU in November!!”

Michelle Glidewell
Office Manager
Glidewell Distributing

“I joined the Southern and the SLD (YLD back then) eighteen years ago and instantly felt welcomed. The members of The Southern are some of the most caring and sincere people I know. Throughout my time in this organization, I have had the great opportunity to meet and converse with some amazing people that shape our industry.

I started out my membership in the SLD as a newcomer in the wholesale business. Over the years, I have gained so much knowledge through the networking and educational activities of the SLD. There is no other organization that I have been affiliated with in this industry that has provided me with the tools and peer support as does The Southern and SLD.

I would encourage anyone who is new to our industry or desires to excel in our business to be a part of this great organization that we all call THE SOUTHERN!”

Marty Howell
Sales Manager
H. T. Hackney Company